Florian Himmler, Grad. Engineer / Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Florian Himmler is for all manufacturing engineering topics in both business units, innovations and shareholdings, responsible.


His 10 years expertise is based in the fields of R&D and optimisation of production, up to installation of a serial production. The background is mainly from the automotive industry. His last held position was Head R&D of an automotive supplier. This industry is pioneer in many fields, due to that all technical division of the group can benefit from it.


Florian holds a degree in mechanical engineering from the Technical University Graz which helps a lot for this diversified assignments.

Roland Leopoldseder / Head Construction Management
Roland Leopoldseder is for all buidling techniques within the group responsible - new construction, rebuilding and refurbishment. The field of action is holistic and covers the operations: prepare specification, selection of tradespeople, construction supervision and acceptance.

In his previous jobs he made several experiences in the field of construction. A detailed knowledge he has gained in the area of glass wall units and structural-facings sector. In this industry he was for more than 20 years, his last hold position was Head R&D in a leading Austrian glass production company. From this periode some international patents for glass mounting systems are arisen, which he still holds. For many international projects he was responsible for the constructive implementation.

Peter Okonek, Grad. Engineer / Chief Sales Officer (CSO)
Peter Okonek is responsible for sales and business development in the business unit innovations.

His experience in previous jobs was made in the areas of organisation, sales and marketing of complex technical products. This expert knowledge of more than 15 years was collected in SMEs as well as international corporate groups. In all previous positions he was exclusively in the management respectively in the management board. One of his main focus is the setup of new organisational structure. For this challenge his technical and commercial education helps. Peter holds a degree in industrial engineering.

Gerda Pirklbauer / Acounting Administration
Gerda Pirklbauer is in charge for the tasks administration, office management and acounting.
Her expertise in these fields are for more than 15 years and was collected in various SMEs.
Siegfried Wambacher, MSc. / Chief Finance Officer (CFO)
Siegfried Wambacher is responsible for the commercial field of all business units within the group. This includes the operative commercial leadership as well as the financial evaluation of new projects.
In his previous jobs he was commercial director as well as managing director of SMEs groups. Beside the knowledge of the operative business his main expertise is in the field of M&A and restructuring. He is in business for more than 15 years.
Siegfried holdes a degree in business studies from the university of economics in Vienna. Further on he is a tax expert.
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